About Us
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson is the author of the Amazon Bestseller for career advice: “Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom.” Jen has spent the last 15 years teaching thousands of people the concepts of how to create a thriving career and discover their perfect work. An “Early Settler” of the professional coaching industry and a Professional Certified Coach, Jennifer is a trainer at Coach University, a faculty member of Portland Community College, and the University of California at Davis – Extension. Jennifer is a mother of two and a ridiculously proud grandmother of one. She is also an avid fan of University of Kansas Basketball. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk! Please visit www.jenniferanderson.com for more information.
Chelsea McLennan-West
Chelsea is a born and raised Oregonian who joined Timber Talkers in 2018. Professionally, she is a member to hone her storytelling and own her message as she develops her business and project consulting at CJMcWest.com. Personally, she enjoys hearing others speak and learning from not only what people say, but how they say it. She is a mom of two humans and one dog and married to a very patient man who listens to more practice speeches than is fair.
Christopher Aedo
Christopher moved to Portland from Los Angeles in 2014 but asks that you not hold that against him. He has two boys and an amazing wife and in his spare time he reads, brews beer, builds things and is on a quest to learn how to do everything.
Dave Hiller
Dave Hiller is a 59 year old transplant from Minnesota that lives in Tigard for the past 19 years and married to Mina for 23 years. Has one dog named Chance that came to us from Oregon Dog Rescue 6 years ago. Working for Delta Industrial Automation in sales. Toastmasters DTM, past club officer, past area governor, past division governor, past district office including District 7 Governor in 1995-96.
Hilary Lang Greenebaum
Hilary Lang Greenebaum, PhD: Despite a lifetime orbiting K-12 schools, Hilary still gets excitedly nervous when giving a prepared speech. Toast Masters, Timber Talkers specifically, helps her remain more relaxed. She really enjoys the group, learns a lot, and has fun! The rest of the week, Hilary runs the family business, Howard Insurance, selling insurance for people with Medicare. She also advocates and teaches people how to transition to a healthy, plant based lifestyle. She created, Better Eating for Life an online educational video program that advocates a healthy vegan lifestyle that includes exercise and stress reduction. In her spare time she likes to eat (!!!), read, garden, walk with her two adorable dogs, and have fun with friends.
E. Moore

Mr. Moore joins us during his second stint in Oregon, from his home in the bay area of California. His first move was to graduate with a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. The second move was more forced due to California’s cost of living, but he’s happy living in Oregon. In Mr. Moore’s free time he likes to alpine ski in the winter, listen to music (mostly anything before 2005), play board games and table tennis, ride his recumbent bike in sunny weather, and watch documentaries. He also enjoys going to comedy shows and watching sports. His teams are the Stanford Cardinal, San Francisco 49ers and Giants, and the Los Angeles Lakers. If you see Mr. Moore, tell a joke that gets him thinking!

Kristin WT

Kristin has been in Toastmasters since 2010. She just finished her CC after 7 years (but not everyone takes that long). After that she saw two people at work with varying levels of speaking skills and appreciated the more experienced speaker. That was the impetus she needed to start looking for a club she could attend. She enjoys the myriad of interesting speeches brought to the club.

Scott Chavin
Having been with Toastmasters for close to seven years I have enjoyed the many benefits it brings. Beyond the benefits of public speaking and leadership training I have been able to make many personal and business connections. Joining the Toastmasters family has allowed me to develop a better connection to my community at large. If you are interested in learning to better yourself in a safe and friendly environment then you have come to the right place. Please join our diverse and open club. You’ll be glad you did.
Steve Schmitt
When he is not public speaking, Steve Schmitt accompanies his Cavalier Spaniel, Sadie, on her outdoor adventures.
Terry Wood
Terry Wood joined Timber Talkers in Oct 2014. He regularly teaches classes on Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), which requires him to be in front of people for over an hour in each class. Toastmaster’s has been invaluable to him for polishing his presentation/speaking skills. To learn more about TRE please go to www.treclasses.com.
Tom Cronkrite
Tom likes to garden as you can see by the large potato he is holding! Below he is addressing the group (probably discussing corn or tomatoes!) in December 2015.
Shaylene Haswarey
Shaylene is originally from Idaho Falls, ID. She has 5 kids, and has been married for 18 years. She owns a jump rope business called "Jump Again! Reintroducing Jump Rope in the 21st Century!" She teaches jump rope dance routines, tricks, double dutch, speed jumping, and jump rope games to elementary students. She is an author of a teenage interfaith novel called "The Hijabi Club". She is active in two interfaith groups, and loves teaching religion at schools and places of worship. Currently she is a volunteer after school activities coordinator at her kids elementary school. Her hobbies include weight lifting, hosting parties and talent shows, reading novels, writing, hiking, public speaking, scrap booking, and of course, jump roping! Check out her YouTube jump rope music video at: Hijabi Jump Rope Mom https://youtu.be/N8rdK5U3m34
John Goalby

John is rejoining Timber Talkers after a mere blip in the grand scheme of things. He is the least competitive person in this description. John has a degree in sarcasm from Yale, loves dogs, and dreams of world peace.

Keesa Garcia

Keesa is the Risk Manager at NALS Apartment Homes, a national real estate investment company. She also serves on the board of the Oregon Chapter of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), an organization dedicated to furthering the risk management and insurance profession. Keesa attended Portland State University where she earned a BS in Business Administration: Real Estate Finance, and holds the Associate of Risk Management designation. Keesa enjoys staying active by running with her Siberian Husky, playing co-ed softball with her husband, dropping by a Crossfit class, or spending the day in the garden.  

Mattin Noblia

Born and raised in the Basque region of France I feel so at home in Portland it reminds me so much of the area where I grew up. After leaving France I moved to California where I owned a successful french restaurant. Moving to Portland, my wife and I have found it to be a beautiful place, there is a rich culture here that offers something for everyone. As a father of three I also know that it is a wonderful place to raise children.

I love adding value to myself so I can help other entrepreneurs grow personally & professionally. I’m always looking for more driven and big thinking people in the area to connect with!

Ibrahim AlQwiry

My family, including me, my wife, and son just immigrated to US seven months ago. I’m originally from Yemen, born and raised up in Saudi Arabia. Moving to US is big transition and movement for us since we grow up with our family for our entire life. However, we take these challenges and make them as an opportunity for us to achieve our goals and have the life style that we are looking for. We do believe life is nice and cool but it needs also some kinds of sacrifices and discipline. We are assiduous in working to achieve our goals/dreams, as always where there’s will here’s a way. I wish all the best to us and to everyone. 

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