About Us
Christopher Aedo
Christopher moved to Portland from Los Angeles in 2014 but asks that you not hold that against him. He has two boys and an amazing wife and in his spare time he reads, brews beer, builds things and is on a quest to learn how to do everything.
Dave Hiller
Dave Hiller is a 59 year old transplant from Minnesota that lives in Tigard for the past 19 years and married to Mina for 23 years. Has one dog named Chance that came to us from Oregon Dog Rescue 6 years ago. Working for Delta Industrial Automation in sales. Toastmasters DTM, past club officer, past area governor, past division governor, past district office including District 7 Governor in 1995-96.
Kristin WT

Kristin has been in Toastmasters since 2010. She just finished her CC after 7 years (but not everyone takes that long). After that she saw two people at work with varying levels of speaking skills and appreciated the more experienced speaker. That was the impetus she needed to start looking for a club she could attend. She enjoys the myriad of interesting speeches brought to the club.

Tom Cronkrite
Tom likes to garden as you can see by the large potato he is holding! Below he is addressing the group (probably discussing corn or tomatoes!) in December 2015.
Ibrahim AlQwiry

My family, including me, my wife, and son just immigrated to US seven months ago. I’m originally from Yemen, born and raised up in Saudi Arabia. Moving to US is big transition and movement for us since we grow up with our family for our entire life. However, we take these challenges and make them as an opportunity for us to achieve our goals and have the life style that we are looking for. We do believe life is nice and cool but it needs also some kinds of sacrifices and discipline. We are assiduous in working to achieve our goals/dreams, as always where there’s will here’s a way. I wish all the best to us and to everyone. 

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