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Boogie Time!!

Hah Ah Ah Ah Stayin’ Aliveeeeeee,  Today, we put our verbal dancing shoes on  and boogied down to some antiquated Disco tunes.  We had a wonderful meeting at Fire Station #50 on Walnut Street in the Community Room.  Our new home is spacious, with all of the amenities to make our meetings fun and successful.  Verlan gave an informative speech on tips to keep the pounds off during the holidays.  His speech used props.  It demonstrated how props can help you stay on time and on topic while providing visual examples along with verbal directions.  Using a calendar to track your specific goals for hikes and outdoor adventures is a tip I will be putting into use myself.  Thanks Verlan!

We focused on our creative skills by telling a round table story that everyone participated in. Our Table Topics winner today was a first time visitor. Congratulations Steve!  Today was Steve’s first visit with Timber Talkers.  We also had a former member revisit today.  Thank you for visiting today Hannes.  Whether you are brand new to the group, or returning after a break, don’t be a stranger.  Thanks to everyone for making todays’ meeting fun, filled with laughs and filled with some groovy tunes.


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