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Did someone say Charades?

Our first meeting of 2015 was a rousing success.  We had two speeches, one of them a hot seat speech, that focused on setting New Years Resolutions that are positive, encouraging and manageable.  Yea, I know.  You don’t normally hear resolutions defined as “manageable”, but these were great ideas and great examples.   Thank you Debra and Sopha for two great speeches!


Todays speeches were followed by a rousing round of Table Topics hosted by none other than our club president, Scott Chavin.  Was it charades? Was it table topics?  Not sure how to explain it except for to say that it was a lot of fun.  Scott provided ideas centered around this time of year.   Two “volunteers” participated during each round.  One member would act out the idea that was  provided.  The other member would simultaneously give a verbal description on their interpretation of the action.   Charades as only Timber Talkers could do.  Congratulations to the winning duo of Tom and Stephen!


Please join us next week. Anna will be our Toastmaster. She always does a fantastic job.  See ya then.


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