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Holiday Movies and Festivities!

What do the films Lethal Weapon and It’s a Wonderful Life have in common? Well, they are both in the top ten rated holiday movies and won our votes for the best of those top ten! This shows you what an oddly diverse, fun, and interesting group we are! Go to this site to learn more and read about the top 25 holiday movies.

We were treated to a whirlwind tour of holiday magic including a stunning and tearful rendition of A Polar Express. I swear, I did get teary. Thank you Scott. Then we heard fond memories about Tom’s cousin almost burning the house down on Christmas, and Parisjat’s comparison of American Christmas and Chinese New Year traditions (love the red envelopes! $$). In a more Toastmaster-ish mood, we heard Steve’s customized Night before Christmas poem and Kristin shared humorous speech tips from an expert Toastmaster. Terry asked us to analyze an infamous and hilarious speech… from the 1979 film Meatballs with Bill Murray. Lastly, we learned from Sopha how to donate goats and farm animals via World Vision, an organization dedicated to building a better world for children. Overall, an interesting, interactive and participatory meeting!

It was really nice to share delicious snacks and celebrate the “eating season” together. Please join us Tuesdays @ Noon at the Firehouse!


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