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Tuesday October 27th 12 Noon – 1 PM PT is Our Open House!

Join us for our Fall Open House this Tuesday October 27 from 12- 1 PM PDT. We are a fun filled, inspirational and educational Toastmasters group.  

Have you been feeling in our new” Zoom World”, how important presentation skills have become? A desire to be adept and comfortable in leading on-line meetings.  Want to know what are those folks that are toasting a lot really doing.  Come to our Open House meeting for answers to these and other questions.

You will learn about the Toastmasters program. Learn about the Timber Talker Toastmaster. You will come way with some fresh ideas and facts on what Toastmasters can do to help your improve as a speaker, presenter and tips on being a Zoom Master.


For our meeting the agenda is:

Our theme is: Denial – please think of situations where you (or other people) have held strongly to a belief in spite of all evidence to the contrary, in other words “living in denial”.

Our roles are as follows:
Toastmaster: Christopher
Speaker: Dave Hiller
Evaluator: Terry

Table Topics master: Kristin
General Evaluator: Dave Dean

Timer: Tom
Ah Counter, Grammarian and Positivity Master: Ibrahim

Come join us on Zoom, Tuesday October 28th  from 12pm-1pm PST.  Zoom login information is meeting ID 920-902-504, Password 597044.


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