There Were No Rules February 14th!

Our Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) madame Jennifer may have led us astray at our last meeting on Tuesday with her theme: BREAK ALL THE RULES!   Well, we certainly embraced that theme!  Crawling on the floor, eating while speaking, standing on chairs, and a disorganized room…what rules DIDN’T we break?         We do a

20 Feb 2017

Congratulations to JP and Melinda for Attending Their First TLI!

JP, Sergeant at Arms, and Melinda, VP of PR from the Timber Talkers Toastmasters club, attended their first TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) held February 4th at the Al Kader Shrine Center in Wilsonville.  TLI is held twice a year and is an educational opportunity for Toastmasters’ club officers, and to all members as well. A one day event, TLI

19 Feb 2017

International Speech Contest Coming Up! Club Contest is March 7th

Hello!   We must complete our Club Contest by March 10th. That means our last chance for the Club Contest is March 7th! Anyone and everyone is invited to participate as speakers. We need: Speakers for International Contest and Speakers for Evaluation Contest Contest Chair Toastmaster 3 Judges 1 Tally person 1 Sergeant at Arms  

12 Feb 2017

It’s Groundhog Day!

The Groundhog (Marmota monax) also known as Whistle Pig, Land Beaver, and Ground Squirrel, has inspired some interesting Table Topic responses at our meeting Tuesday!    Would you eat Punxsutawney Phil if he were being served on Groundhog day? “Why of course! It would be a shame to waste the protein, especially in the eyes.” Do you

02 Feb 2017


We will not be having a meeting today due to the freezing rain.   Be safe!

17 Jan 2017

Be Happy in the New Year!

Happiness is a common theme at our Toastmasters club. If you have ever visited our club, it’s not hard to see why! We are a happy group of people who love to laugh.    The theme for our first meeting of the year on 01/03/2017 was BE HAPPY IN THE NEW YEAR! Madame Toastmaster Olu gave us some

07 Jan 2017

Join us December 20th at our Table Topics Holiday Party!

We are having our Holiday Party Tuesday, December 20th at 12:00 PM. Please join us! There will be festive, flavorful, and fun foods and refreshments!   It will be a jolly hour of Yuletide Table Topics–no assigned speeches! A “Table Topic” speech is an impromptu speech of 45 seconds to one minute and 15 seconds. We practice

10 Dec 2016

Congratulations Dave!

Dave did our club proud by winning second place in the District 7 Humorous Speech Contest on Saturday! District 7 is made up of clubs from Oregon, west of the Cascades to the coast, a small part of Southern Washington, and Northern California. This is a big deal! Click to see Dave’s speech and interview!  

08 Nov 2016

Come Support Dave! – District 7 Fall Conference/Humorous Speech Contest

Congratulations Dave – winner of the District 7 Humorous Speech Contest!   Dave will be competing at the District 7 Fall Conference Humorous  Speech contest; please register to attend!  Fall 2016  

31 Oct 2016

Please Join Us October 25th – Fall Open House!

We are a fun, diverse and welcoming Toastmasters club. Are you interested in bettering your speaking and leadership skills? Please join us October 25th to our free Fall Open House to discover what our group is all about!                                    

02 Oct 2016
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