Holiday Movies and Festivities!

What do the films Lethal Weapon and It’s a Wonderful Life have in common? Well, they are both in the top ten rated holiday movies and won our votes for the best of those top ten! This shows you what an oddly diverse, fun, and interesting group we are! Go to this site to learn

16 Dec 2015

Needless Needles or Not?

Yesterday’s meeting was a big success! First, we all laughed out loud (seriously LOL) hearing Verlan’s hilarious anxiety about preparing and attending Toast Masters on Tuesdays. Wednesday is a fantastic, glorious day … but Tuesdays… oh dear… well Tuesday are hard. He has such a great way turning things around and is just so dang

09 Dec 2015

Two Technologies

This week we had the opportunity to hear about two very different technologies! Yes, building 8 foot long boats in the dining room (well why not?!) and a more contemporary invention called Periscope. We heard that Richard, who is just 93, continue to defy odds. He either builds full size dinghies from scratch or buys

02 Dec 2015

Pets from Around the World!

Thanks to our tour guide Steve, today we traveled from Kenya to Cambodia, from Camus to Colorado, and then back to Lake Michigan, whew … an exciting and unbelievable journey! Today we heard about a white fluffy bunny, scary attack dogs, a domesticated trained giraffe (I know, who knew?!), an over-sized, twice exceptional malamute, a

17 Nov 2015

Bacon Jalapeno Chocolate Chip Cookies

Don’t worry. That’s not a typo. Thanks to Jennifer’s generosity we had the opportunity to sample these delicious cookies. My first thought was bacon…..good, jalapeno’s………good, Chocolate chip cookies……..GOOD. Bacon Jalapeno Choco chip cookies……I was iffy, but they were fantastic. Just a hint of jalapeno flavor and the occasional bite of bacon made these cookies fantastic.

05 Aug 2015

Infomercials-I’m sold!

What a fun theme today. We learned what makes a youtube video great and how you can use that to make friends. We also had a step-by-step replay of the Oregon Ducks season. All of the highs and the lows. Thanks James and Scott for two wonderful speeches. Sharon led a rousing round of Table

14 Jan 2015


This is Anna Kasperovich with an amazing new innovation for you. Is life getting a bit boring already? Do you feel like your public speaking skills could use some improvement? Well, I’ve got the product for you- The Timber Talkers Toastmasters Meeting of Tues. the 14th of January. It’s got a lot of amazing aspects

12 Jan 2015

Did someone say Charades?

Our first meeting of 2015 was a rousing success.  We had two speeches, one of them a hot seat speech, that focused on setting New Years Resolutions that are positive, encouraging and manageable.  Yea, I know.  You don’t normally hear resolutions defined as “manageable”, but these were great ideas and great examples.   Thank you

07 Jan 2015

Top ten reasons to come to Timbertalker’s meeting this week: by Stephen Hemminger

10. I am Toastmaster 9. You will be refreshed after the long holiday break. 8. Someone besides me gets to hear Debra speak. 7. See Tom practice his evaluation skills before the next contest 6. James will be watching our grammar and counting time 5. Sopha will be General Evaluator 4. Scott will be leading

05 Jan 2015

Happy New Years!!

2014 has dwindled in the shadow of 2015.  2015 holds our  hopes, dreams, and challenges.  Let’s prepare for these challenges by refocusing on our speaking goals.  Making the most of our weekly meetings by having Toastmasters work for us.  I’m excited by the opportunities that Toastmasters and 2015 have in store.  See you all Tuesday

01 Jan 2015
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