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Pets from Around the World!

Thanks to our tour guide Steve, today we traveled from Kenya to Cambodia, from Camus to Colorado, and then back to Lake Michigan, whew … an exciting and unbelievable journey!

Today we heard about a white fluffy bunny, scary attack dogs, a domesticated trained giraffe (I know, who knew?!), an over-sized, twice exceptional malamute, a tiny adorable Chi-weenie, an amazing swimming lab, a dumb Dalmatian (not my words I promise), and Leaf the official family pet. We learned so much about each other and had fun to boot.

We also got to travel down musical memory lane to hear and speak about the “Song of the Year” from a variety of years. Thank you Scott for researching and playing the songs for us to prompt our thinking.

Please come join us and add to the mix! We’ll be there next week for another enjoyable meeting with Timber Talkers; Tuesdays noon, at the Firehouse. Remember to stick your neck our and hold your head high!




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