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Shady Cool Forest is Perfect Location for Annual Timber Talkers Outdoor Speaking School!

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Just a short walk from the firehouse, above the bridge in the photo, we walked on a paved trail for about five minutes, crossed a smallpark 3 creek and emerged into lovely Jack Parr Park! We set our chairs up in a semi-circle under the trees and had our usual Super Duper Toast Masters Timber Talkers Meeting!

Neither small dogs, lawnmowers, nor crying children distracted us as we practiced our speaking and listening skills. Melinda spoke about pythons in Florida, and Tom spoke about an inspirational poem delivered by a recent Harvard School of Education Graduate. Table Topics were a hoot; there were owls mentioned, fires, Robin Hood, tree houses, and more all in the spirit of lively sylvan erudition!

*** Please join us Tuesdays at noon at the Firehouse! ***


Jack Park1

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