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Tuesday January 25th at 12 Noon – 1 PM PT – Theme is “Balance”

Join us for a fun filled, inspirational and educational Toastmasters Meeting this Tuesday January 25th, 2022.

Guests are always welcomed!
This week we have a great meeting in store!
The theme for this meeting will be “Balance”

Toastmasters Agenda
Timber Talkers Club # 4421

Every Tuesday 12 – 1 PM PT

Key roles for the meeting are:
Toastmaster: Kristin
Speaker #1: Danielle
Evaluator #1: Lorri
Speaker #2: Open
Evaluator #2: Open
Table Topics: Dave
General Evaluator: Katherine
Timer: Linda
Grammarian: Paul
Ah Counter: Tom
Positivity Master: Chris

See you all on zoom!
Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 733 159 0363
Passcode: A8EKsF


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