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Two Technologies

This week we had the opportunity to hear about two very different technologies! Yes, building 8 foot long boats in the dining room (well why not?!) and a more contemporary invention called Periscope. We heard that Richard, who is just 93, continue to defy odds. He either builds full size dinghies from scratch or buys and sells (aka flips) boats on Craig’s List. Richard is a source of inspiration! Parisjat then described the compelling, video social media platform called Periscope. She told the story of starting her regular video posting last summer with her kids, keeping Portland Weird, Being Mean Mommy and Nice Mommy, Thai Cooking, and her aspiration to be a Ninja Warrior! Of course I wanted to download Periscope and learn more after her enthusiastic speech!

Terry then catapulted us to 2016 (already?) and led us in a round of impromptu Table Topics using the theme of “After the Holidays”. He asked participants to think what they wanted to buy in 2016, and where they wanted to go or what they wanted to do? Even what they wanted to do when they retired … And just how would they lose that extra holiday weight gained now that the “eating season” was over? We used the challenging word, habituation, as our word of the day and all decided we are habituated to having a great time at Timber Talkers, Tuesdays @ Noon!! See you there!

Oh, please be sure to come visit on Dec. 15 when we celebrate holiday festivities with a number of short holiday themed presentations from members. Who knows, maybe someone will de-brief the phone book with a Buddy the Elf voice over? (Believe me you just had to be there!).

Parisjat on Periscope!

Parisjat on Periscope!



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