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Yes! Yes! Yes!


Our theme this week was yes! What a great way to start out the New Year! Tom organized Table Topics around that theme and asked participants what they would say yes to in 2016. Rick is going to build up a club, Lance is going to spend more time hiking with his family, and Scott is going to enjoy lots of good food – but in moderation of course!  Terry is going to broaden his horizons and eat clean green smoothies, salads, and fruit. What will you say yes to this year?

Speaking of the New Year, Verlan gave a brilliant technical speech about balancing your business with a healthy life. He discussed how a business plan centered on your niche market, your sphere of influence, and past clients are the most effective places to spend time and money on building your business. Ultimately, it comes down to balancing health, happiness, friends, and family with our time, money, and energy. He reminded us to look at the big picture and to create a visual blueprint of our business plan. Wise words and excellent speech Verlan.

100_0428On a more domestic note, Hilary told the story of getting a feral 135 pound malamute and how the first few months were chaotic and challenging. Fortunately, Shasta turned out to be a great dog and lived until the ripe old age of 14. Her goal was CC speech #4 which focused on painting a picture with short, clear words.

Each week we have such a range of topics. Each week members are working on different speeches with different goals and objectives. Everyone is moving along at their own pace in a warm, supportive, and fun atmosphere. Come join us and see for yourself how Timber Talkers can assist you to saying yes to more public speaking in the New Year! See you Tuesdays, @ noon, at the Firehouse.


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